When you take a look at the shelves of your supermarkets beauty isle, or any department store cosmetics floor, it can be overwhelming with the different types of formulas available for your everyday beauty needs. Today, I want to know what you like to use each day when you clean your face?

My personal preference is a milk cleanser. I have pretty good skin most of the time, but I am on the dry side in some areas and can still get breakouts. I find milk cleansers are moisturising enough to not dry out my drier patches, but not so rich to overdo it in the slightly oiler parts. What about you? Do you go for a gel? a cream? an oil? What about a gritty exfoliator everyday?

If you care to elaborate more on your answer, I would love to know if your formula choice changes seasonally. I like milks year round, but the occasional gel is quite refreshing. What do you like?

What is your formula preference for everyday face cleanser?

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