I love looking at beauty ads in magazines. Modern magazines are now filled with them, often coming close to taking up 50% of the entire magazine, but that wasn’t how it was 30 odd years ago. How do I know? During the holiday season my mother and I started to address her hoarding of unnecessary memories. In one of the many piles of junk, we came across some old women’s interest magazines from when she was a young lady. Today I am going to show you the ads from an issue of 19 Magazine from June 1973.

What Is 19 Magazine?

19 Magazine was a women’s interest magazine produced by IPC Magazines in London. It was sold in many countries, including Australia (for just 50 cents!), New Zealand, Rhodesia (which I think is now known as Republic of Zimbabwe), Nigeria, Canada and Sweden.

The topics covered included beauty, fashion, fictional stories and a heavy focus on music.

Old Beauty Ads

I am so excited to show you these, but I realise maybe I am the only one who finds old print ads adorable. Below are just a few of the cosmetic, skincare and haircare beauty products featured in the magazine.

An ad for Outdoor Girl, a cosmetic company available in the Republic Of Ireland.

The ad says:

“With our soft, Pencil Shadows for instance, which we’re practically giving away (10p a piece is certainly a draft price).
With our new, glossy, brush-on Lipslick, for which we’re only asking 39p (we must be crazy).
Or with any of our 200 or so similarly priced colours for your eyes, lips, cheeks and fingertips.
One Reason why our prices are so idiotic is that our packs are so simple.
Another is that we want you to feel free to experiment with our newest products.
You wouldn’t if we charged too much, and that would be too silly.”

Ahhhh, ok. That is definitely some interesting creative.


A full size ad for Yardley Nature Lipids

The shiny black bottles are definitely an interesting packaging option for these moisturisers. Unfortunately the ad doesn’t say what the two bottles are, but I would say the tub is a face cream and maybe the bottle is a lotion. Anyone’s guess really.


Cutex, finally a brand I know!

I find this ad a tad confusing, so please tell me what it means if you know. It says:

“Get into today nail shades that give you a past. Real cool, in shades from naughty scarlet to passionate purple. And Cutex lipsticks match, tone or even clash with our polishes. Be in the mood. And smoulder.”

Obviously the part I am confused about is …. lipsticks. Did Cutex used to make lipsticks??


Shaders by Hiltone

These shampoos are made especially for blondes, depositing colour until the next time you wash. We have very few products like this today so I can only imagine it must have been revolutionary at the time.


Nivea Liquid

This is liquid product from Nivea which seems to cleanse and moisturise in one. As far as I know there is no Nivea product similar to this one in its current ranges.


Boots No7 ad for Coloursticks

Shadow sticks seem to be a popular item in the 70s. This is an ad for a new range from Boots No7.


Max Factor ad for Colour-On Waterproof Eye Shadow

Oddly, the applicator tips of these ‘eye shadows’ look more like eye liner, so I am not sure if this is just a difference in naming over the years, or if they really are for an all over eye application. Either way, they look very cool!


Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, such a classic.

I love seeing old ads for products that are still around today. The packaging of Maybelline Great Lash mascara is very different, but funnily enough the brush looks very much the same. Interesting!


Ambre Solaire tan range

Ambre Solaire is now part of the Garnier brands, but back in 1973 it was its own stand alone brand based in London. Isn’t the packaging amazing? I love how funky it looks.


Elizabeth Arden Naturally Moist Lipcolour range

Boasting to be a new, beautiful concept from Elizabeth Arden, the lipstick range comes in a new and exciting burgundy case. Again, 70s creative at its best.


Double-page spread for Boots

I find this feature extremely interesting because in today’s magazine world, this would have well and truly been a no-no. It is a two-page spread mixing editorial with items only available at Boots, but looks and feels like the rest of the editorial pieces in the magazine. To most of us, this would be now know as an advertorial, but back in those days it was not required to make it clear that this was actually an advertisement. Interesting, huh?


Neutrogena ad for Shampoo and Face Licks

This ad is most interesting to me for its Face Lick products. After reading the description, it sounds like a product we would now call a facial wipe. I also love that it has a little coupon to fill out to receive your Neutrogena samples, but you had to include 15p to cover postage. I assume it was only valid in the UK.


Boots 117 lipsticks

Another Boots ad for another Boots product. The thing that stands out to me, besides how expensive this full colour double-page spread would have cost, is that it includes animated women characters. The ladies themselves remind me of Jessica Rabbit, and it is a real stand out difference to all the other beauty ads in the magazine.

What do you think of all these old-fashioned ads? Let me know by commenting below!




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