Being a woman is difficult …. and expensive. There is so much primping and preening we have to go through each month and it can really cost a lot. Luckily for our generation, we have the wonders of group-buying websites like Groupon to help keep us with our troubles. If you haven’t tried Groupon yet, you are a missing out, and I am going to tell you why. But first ….

What Is Groupon?

Groupon is a daily-deal website that that works with local businesses to promote deals and discounts through online vouchers. Our website offers deals of up to 70% at both local and national level. From discounts on shopping and beauty, restaurants to travel and with activities that range from a relaxing spa-day to an adrenaline-filled parachute jump, Groupon has a great deal for everyone.

Why Do I Use It?

Quite simply, I couldn’t afford not to use it! I love trying new things and when it comes to beauty treatments, trips to the spa or just new beauty products, I can’t afford to do it all at full cost. I have secured some awesome deals using Groupon and tried things I never would have otherwise thought of. I have had some of my most relaxing spa treatments ever thanks to saving a huge 50%, and I have had my hair styled for many last minute events that I would have otherwise arrived at looking like a bomb hit me.

On the downside, group buying sites can be scary. I won’t name names, but one friend of mine was so surprised by the savings of a special package that she instantly bought it, only to have buyers regret 10 minutes later. Why, you ask? Well, she bought cosmetic enhancement treatments that she had only ever heard bad things about. After some serious convincing, my friend went and had the treatments, only now she couldn’t stop raving about them. She now goes back to that clinic monthly for the same treatments and never stops saying how buying that deal literally changed her life.

Maybe you won’t have a serious life changing experience like my friend did, but I definitely recommend you jump on and have a look at the sort of deals you could be scoring right now. There is always something to help you save a penny and get you looking good in the process.


Australia is just one of 45 countries lucky enough to have Groupon. To check out all the latest beauty deals visit their Beauty Coupons page, or if you are looking for more exciting things like travel, adventure or culinary experiences (my favourite!) visit their homepage.


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