It isn’t everyday that a reality TV star gets to launch their own cosmetic line. Is it just me or are you also thinking ‘THANK GOD’?

If you are a reality TV fan than you should be well aware of the Bravo TV smash hit, The Real Housewives of Orange County. While the OC version is just one of many in the ‘Real Housewives’ chain, it would have to be my favourite. Gosh. They are trashy. And I love it!

If I had to pick which ‘housewife’ in my opinion is the nicest, I would probably pick Gretchen Christine Rossi. There is something about Gretchen that makes me think she has a good heart and isn’t an evil bitch like the rest of the ladies. BUT, as lovely as I think she might be, I still think she is a tad trashy.

By far, in my opinion, Gretchen is the prettiest one in the OC cast, but being pretty doesn’t mean you know a thing about cosmetics. Right? Well, apparently this is not the case with Gretchen because she has now released her own line of cosmetics, titled Gretchen Christine Beaute. Clearly by adding on ‘Beaute’ it instantly is more upmarket and perhaps French, but to me this is just another layer of tackiness on her already trashy reputation.

Having looked over the products, but not having had a chance to actually try them yet, my first impressions are again …. tacky. Everything seems to be run-of-the-mill and generic, just with a new logo. It looks as if she went to any stock standard mass cosmetic producer and bought (a rather good) selection of products which she then licensed under her own name. It isn’t exactly hard to do. Anyone could do it. You could actually do it right now, if you had the money.

Gretchen Christine Beaute - Flawless Complexion Gel

As a passionate beauty consumer, I find her products look too average. There is just nothing compelling me to fork out my hard earned dollars to try something that has her logo on it, even though there is a great variety of products. They just look like items I could get elsewhere for cheaper.

On the other hand, I really like the look of her bags ……

What do think about Gretchen’s cosmetic line? Will you be trying it? Do you think it looks cheap or classy? Let me know by commenting below!

Gretchen Christine Beaute - Frosted Eyes Eyeshadow

Images Source: Gretchen Christine Shop

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