Ok so let me start at the beginning because this news is super important! A few days ago, while doing my thing (which is shopping up a storm) in one of the Sephora locations in Las Vegas, I made a very interesting and rather informed connection. The first thing I found out from this lovely person (lets call them Mr X, but it doesn’t mean they are male … or female) is the news that brought me to tears …. SEPHORA IS COMING TO AUSTRALIA IN 2011. I of course argued with Mr X for quite a while because the news was just too good to be true. Mr X advised me that the news had come directly from a VERY high-up executive and it is absolutely true.

I instantly went into crazy-mode and started to try and get onto any PR contact at Sephora and it’s owning company LVMH, both in the US and the head offices in Europe. Unfortunately, I had no luck with anyone responding to my many emails and phone messages to provide actual confirmation of a location or date. In fact, they completely ignored me, but this tells me a few things. If it wasn’t true, they would have straight out told me it is incorrect. I informed them I was a blogger, and that this news was very important, and that I didn’t want to say anything to my loyal readers if it wasn’t the case, yet still there was no comment from the company.

After thinking long and hard about whether I should share this news or not, I came to the conclusion that it is vital that I do say something. This is a BIG deal and I know there are thousands of people just like me who have spent hours writing letters, calling customer service and complaining to sales assistants about the lack of acknowledgment Sephora gives to us Australians. As terrible as this may sound, the failing US economy has finally brought Australians some well deserved opportunities to buy the products we have always wanted. Mr X explained that Sephora have now seen that a massive chunk of their daily sales is from Australian tourists and nearly all of those shoppers have complained about the lack of access to the beauty mega store.

So what could be the downside of Sephora opening a store in Australia? I can think of a few things and I really wanted to ask a Sephora spokesperson directly but as I mentioned, they had no interest in responding. Here are some questions I want answered:

  1. Will the AU prices be retrospective to the US prices?
  2. Will we be able to order online? If so, will it be from an AU website or the US website?
  3. Will the same brands be available? EG. Make Up For Ever is a huge part of Sephora in the US, I would hope the same would happen here.
  4. Will the Beauty Insider VIP program be available in Australia? Will it carry over from an international membership?
  5. Which city will get the first Sephora? Mr X said it would be either Sydney or Melbourne. I am hoping Sydney!!

I have to apologise for any bad grammar, or sentences that don’t make sense. I just wanted to get this post out ASAP because if you’re a Sephora lover like me, it will make your weekend!

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