One of my best shots. No really, I love it.....

A number of my lovely Australian readers alerted me tonight to a story that displayed my blog during a feature regarding Australian aesthetician, Dr Illesha Haywood from Paramedical Skin Clinic in Melbourne. As many of you would know, I did a review of the Jet Peel treatment way back in 2010 and it would seem that due to many of the comments I received on that post, it drew some attention when one of our national TV news programs were researching the good doctor.

I am writing this post for a few reasons, most of which is to have my say as I was never contacted by the network, the producer or the journalist investigating the story. Obviously I have no qualms with them displaying my blog, but what I do have problems with is that they highlighted certain statements that actually do not appear in the post or in the comments section AT ALL. In my mind, this is misrepresentation of my website and of me, and I want to have my say.

To start, let’s take a little look at the story that ran on the TV show, Today Tonight.

You will see at the 6 minutes and 34 second mark that an image of my site appears again claiming that the following comments appear on my site:

I would like to ask that you all go and look at the original Jet Peel treatment post and tell me where those comments are. I have looked over and over, and I cannot see them anywhere.

This really peeves me off because obviously if I had received complaints like this I would never have left the post up so that further readers can be fooled into thinking she is a real medical doctor. I value all readers, whether loyal followers or just here for the one post, and I take pride in never being misleading. For this news program to state that these comments appear on my blog is harmful, whether they see it or not.

So please tell me if I am wrong, can you see those comments on the post? Do you think this Today Tonight feature has painted me as a participant in her deception?

I would love to know your thoughts on this because I am obviously unhappy with being mislead by Illesha Haywood in the first place, and for anyone to think I have left a post up despite receiving notification of her fraud just puts a nail in the coffin.

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