I haven’t dyed my hair in at least a year, maybe more. Home hair dye kits have been banished from my life for at least 5 years, and the reason being was that I would end up with more of it on my bathroom walls than in my hair.

Being an incredibly uncoordinated human being, things that require a tiny bit of skill often ends disastrous for me. All the home hair dye kits I have used previously involved strategically applying a very runny liquid to my long thin hair. I used to buy two boxes because I knew one would never do all my hair, partly because half the formula falls on the floor, and partly because I have a lot of hair and it is long. When I saw the ads for the new Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse a light bulb went on above my head. It sounded like the answer to my prayers so I had to give it a go.

I went Light Brown 6-0 because it looked the closest to my current hair colour. I figured if it went very wrong then at least it wouldn’t look too uneven or blotchy.

The packet contents

What I Liked ….

  • The mixing of the formula was super easy. All I had to do was poor the little bottle into the big bottle and screw on the pump.
  • The colour mixed evenly. I was worried because the instructions didn’t call for me to shake it, which most other dyes do, so the pump must have made all the difference.
  • One bottle was more than enough. I tried to use the entire amount but I just couldn’t. The ¾ I did use completely covered (drenched in fact) my hair.
  • It was so easy to apply and I only ended up with a tiny bit of dye on my bench because I stupidly touched it with my dye covered gloves.
  • Lathering and rinsing was far easier with this dye. It seemed to rinse out in far less time and effort than those cream based dyes.
  • It came with a conditioning treatment that left my hair really shiny.
  • My came out with an even application (despite what the bad photography shows). I like that it didn’t dye my hair with one complete colour, rather it picked up on my natural highlights to provide realistic dimension.

My messy hair before dying it

What I Didn’t Like ….

  • As with all hair dyes you have to expect some smell. In my opinion this was one least offending dyes but my mother thought it smelt stronger than other ones. I guess it comes down to each persons nose.
  • The gloves were too big, but I am used to that. Damn my baby hands!

My rich shiny hair after dying

What Schwarzkopf Says ….

Schwarzkopf – always at the forefront of technology – are revolutionising how we colour our hair at home and have released the first ever ‘foam’, a cutting edge formula that is extremely easy to use and gives maximum coverage, including often hard to reach places. The weightless, gentle mousse is easy to apply and the no drip formula will make sure your clothes and skin are never stained again!

This cutting edge formula has been developed to make colouring your hair simple and with 8 shades in the range – you can’t go wrong. Available in: 1-0 Black, 3-0 Dark Brown, 4-65 Chocolate Brown, 6-0 Light Brown, 6-68 Hazelnut, 7-0 Dark Blonde, 8-0 Medium Blonde and 10-0 Pearl Blonde.

The Facts:
·         Anti-damage foam formula

·         Light, fluffy formula with soy protein and orchid extract cares for the hair

·         Easy, even application – like shampooing your hair

·         Ammonia Free

·         Permanent Colour

·         Smells great!


AU $16.99 rrp from Woolworths, Coles, Priceline, pharmacies and independent retailers.

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