Before I tell you what I think of the product, I want to talk about the actual name “10 Carat Shine”. Does that sound as amazing to you as it did to me? I think the person that came up with linking shiny hair to diamonds is a genius. Sheer genius.

When I think about diamonds I think of beautiful, sparkling, multi-facet brilliance. It might just be me but wouldn’t that be something you want your hair to look like as well? I know I do and that is what attracted me to this new range from Schwarzkopf.

The new 10 Carat Shine range consists of three products, a lacquer, a gloss wax and the gloss finish spray. I have to say I rarely use shine or gloss sprays because I am always terrified it will just leave me looking oily. I know every celeb hairdresser swears by them but they actually know how to use them, but me, I am unco. Admittedly, the name of this one is what drew me in and I thought if I am ever going to try a gloss spray I may as well start with this one.

What I Say ….

  • The packaging is very simple and looks pretty much like all their other pump sprays. The curvy pear shape sits in my hand comfortably and the fact it is rather thin in depth makes it easy to throw in a bag.
  • Schwarzkopf have 5 levels in their ‘hold strength’ ranking system. The Gloss Finish Spray is ranked 3 which they describe as “Extra Strong Hold”. My hair is really thin, soft and silky, plus I have a lot of it, making it an up-do nightmare. I have found this spray to hold it quite well but if you have thick, heavy hair I think it may be too weak for you.
  • The shine factor is amazing. A few pumps here and there leaves my hair looking so healthy! This product has single handedly made me embrace shine sprays.
  • There is no stickiness and it doesn’t leave dry crackly bits in your hair. That’s a major win.
  • My hair isn’t left dried out or unmanageable the next day. Simply brushing it out gets rid of most of the ‘hold’ power.
  • It is a great alternative to aerosols. The spray trigger on this bottle releases a fine mist so you don’t have to worry about it shooting out a big glob in one area.
  • Lastly the scent. Oh how I love the scent. I can best describe this as a sweet, yummy, pink musk stick. Not sickly sweet, just yumminess.

I have actually started to keep this in my handbag on those days I make an effort with my hair and I want it to last. A couple of sprays throughout the day/night keeps my do looking fresh.

What Schwarzkopf Says ….

Extra Care 10 Carat Shine is a new range of styling products specifically designed to make hair shinier and more beautiful.

It is the first styling range formulated with intensive Shine-Booster for perfect hold and ultimate shine – like a 10 carat diamond. The unique hair care formula cares during styling – for 24 hour hold and hair care at the same time.

A whole range for beautiful, radiant shine:

The 10 Carat Shine Lacquer gives extreme hold and intensive shine, protecting the hair against sun, wind and humidity – all day long.

The 10 Carat Shine Gloss Wax provides lift for textured styles and gives extra definition for fringes, curls and single strands.

The 10 Carat Shine Gloss Finish Spray gives a perfect finish for the shiniest look, without weighing down the hair and controlling it even in humid and damp conditions.

Information from Schwarzkopf Australia


AU $8.99 rrp from Woolworths, Coles, Priceline, pharmacies and selected independent retailers.

Unfortunately this product does not yet seem to be available in the USA or UK, however you can buy through Cincotta Chemist who offer international shipping.

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