Some of you may have seen the odd snap of me with blonde hair appear on The Styleless Diaries or any one of my many social media pages, but I have never really talked to you about my hair colour history. As you can probably guess, brown is my natural colour but I do love being blonde and it is the one hair colour I have opted for more than anything else (second to that is purple!). In my time of need, I am turning to you, my lovely readers, for some much needed advice.


You all know me as a brunette rockstar, but read on!

My Blonde History

My first attempt at going blonde was sometime in my pre-teens. I can’t even remember how old I was because it was that long ago. My mother and I discovered

Sun-In at our local chemist. For those that aren’t familiar with Sun-In, here is a little product description from the Australian distributor, Church & Dwight:

Sun-In was developed as a mild product to gradually lighten hair with the aid of sunlight or heat. Sun-In does not contain dyes. Its added moisturisers help protect the hair from the harmful effects of sunlight or the hair dryer. Forget the salon, now you can spray in illuminating highlights and streaks in the comfort of your own home. This new and improved formula contains micro illuminators which add shine to your hair and amazing manageability.

The miraculous Sun-In Spray In Hair Lightener

Sounds magical doesn’t it? Well, back in the early 90’s it did and we thought you could spray your entire head with it. Turns out, you can’t. And funnily enough, dark brown hair does not go blonde by using it … even if you do use it every day. Instead, it went a lovely shade of fluro orange.

After the sun-in incident I put off the blonde thing for a long time. When I started working at a local hairdresser during high school I realised it would take a professional to do the job. So began the years of spending 3 hours (sometimes more) in a salon chair getting my hair bleached. It started with just a few highlights and I kept going until my entire head was done.

A photo from an exhibition I was part of at 13-14 years old – the early days of hairdresser applied highlights

2002: A few years later I was 80% blonde

Once I was finally all blonde, I started to fear the dreaded ‘brassiness’. The thought of my beautiful beachy locks going yellow was terrifying, so I went lighter …… and lighter ….. and lighter ….. until my hair was white. Nowdays, white hair is in thanks to stars like Lady Gaga, but on a 20 year old back then, it wasn’t.

By 2006 I was a real blonde …..

…. but I always thought it looked brassy!

Why I Hated Being Blonde

Aside from the usual dramas of being a brunette going blonde (you know, maintenance, roots, etc), I also had the problem of being a fine haired girl. With my obsession to avoid brassiness, my ever lightening, thin hair didn’t give my head much ‘coverage’.

If I wore my hair back, I often looked bald in photographs. Under bright sunlight, my head was reminiscent of a Barbie doll, hair sprouting out of large holes. Not a pretty look!

June 2006 – This photo was taken just before my first appearance on Family Fued. The roots were bad but at least I didn’t look bald.

2007: Bad photo but as you can see, my hair was practically the same colour as my dog.

What Now …

Despite the the ongoing dramas of being a bottle blonde …. I want to try it again. It has been quite a few years since I last gave it a go, but I want to know what you all think. Should I try it again? Do I even look good as a blonde? Do you have any tips on being a bottle blonde or how I can avoid looking bald? PLEASE, share your insight, opinion and wisdom!

Hair Expo 2006: I was dyed blonder again while hair modeling for Pivot Point

On a final note, I am very sorry for all these terrible photos. As a reward for lasting through this entire post, I will give you a juicy piece of info. All the above photos of me as a blonde were taken pre-nose. Can you see a difference between my nose as a brunette and the other images?


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