I am absolutely terrible at doing doing my own hair. Neat, beautiful, styled hair is way beyond my capabilities. To be realistic, I think all hair-dos I do on my own hair look crap, but there is one hair style I seem to get a few nice comments on …… the messy, kinky bed head look.

Today I thought I should share how exactly I do it because it is actually very simple. It is so simple that my uncoordinated self can do it!

What You Will Need


This look can obviously be created in sooooo many ways but this is how I do it. In my opinion it is best to do Step 1 – 4 the night before because sleeping on the style can make it look so much better. However, you can judge it from my photos (which I apologise for being a little crappier than usual).

Oh and I warn you this was done sans make-up. Prepare to be horrified!

Step 1

Wash & condition your hair as normal, then wrap in a towel for a couple minutes to remove excess water. DO NOT RUB. Comb and find your natural part using a wide toothed comb.

Begin with clean combed hair

Step 2

Spray Wella Professionals High Hair ‘Style Foundation’ in the mid-lengths of your hair. Make sure you flip your head over to get the underneath. Then recomb.

This product will make the perfect base for the hair to start form and mould the kinks.

Spray the mid-lengths to ends

Remember to flip so you don't miss any sections

Step 3

Section hair into four parts. You can split it in half by following your natural part down the back of your head, and then split those in half just above your ears. Curl and secure the two top sections.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, In fact I find it works better if it is a little less than perfect. Keep in mind you want to be able to move your head so don’t pull strands from all over the place.

Section into quarters and secure the top two

Step 4

You will need to plait each of the four sections. If you know how to braid, that is even better. I do not. Start with the bottom two sections and secure the plait individually with an elastic. The closer you can get to the end of your hair the better.

Braid the bottom two sections first

For the top ones I like to comb the hair into position, it leaves the top of your hair neat and controls frizz.

Neatly comb hair into position

You should be left with 4 strange looking plaits.

All done .... for now

Step 5

Now comes the waiting game. I find this look only really works if you let your hair dry naturally. That means no blow drying or irons. It needs to be completely dry which will take longer than normal because the hair is tightly bound, but obviously the longer you can leave it the better the results.

If I am able to, I leave it for about 12-18 hrs. If I have to be seen by others (or if I worked in an office), I will hide the top plaits in a stylish knitted beanie.

The plaits are now dry...

Step 6

Once dry, very gentle release the plait, doing the bottom ones first. If you shake them out you will end up with a frizz ball.

VERY gently undo the plait

Undo the lower ones first

Step 7

When all the plaits are out, very gently mend the gaps by separating your fingers as wide as possible and slowly shaking at the root. I mean SUPER gentle and maybe 1-2 shakes.

Key word = GENTLE!!

As you can see it will still be quite fluffy anyway so be as gentle as possible.

When they are all unplaited you will have visible margins ....

..... mend them by gentle shaking together

Step 8

Spray Schwarzkopf Extra Care 10 Carat Shine ‘Gloss Finish Spray’ evenly into mid lengths. Gently flip your hair over again to get the underneath.

Only spray a bit at a time, so you don’t over do it. You can always add more if you want.

Apply the Shine Spray in little bits to avoid clumping

It will still be a bit puffy but it will fall quite quickly if you don’t flick your hair about and get too much air in it. Then you will end up with this …..

Final result after applying some shine

Step 9

Add large sunglasses to complete the ‘I just rolled out of bed with Johnny Depp, but I am too cool to tell you about it’ look.

The longer you leave your hair to drop, the messier it will look

Attitude is key

Change of outfit and some sunnies will leave looking like a rockstar

It may take a few practice runs but you will master it quickly. I find this works best for those with fine or dry hair. If you have really heavy silky hair you will probably need to use a heavy duty spray gel instead of the Schwarzkopf Gloss Spray.


Wella Professionals High Hair ‘Style Foundation’ – AU $23.50 rrp from professional salons. Phone 1300 885 002 or use the Salon Finder to find a stockist near you.

Schwarzkopf Extra Care 10 Carat Shine ‘Gloss Finish Spray’ – AU $8.99 rrp from supermarkets, pharmacies and selected independent retailers.

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