Eyebrows are a funny topic. They are so involved and can go so wrong so easily. As you will come to discover, I have a constant infatuation with eyebrows but that is for another time. I am a big believer that good eyebrows need good tools. At home I have a rather large set-up of everything I need to get my eyebrows in acceptable form. There’s tweezers, gels, wax, calming creams and brushes. However I always seem to find myself in a situation where I would require these tools that were handily at home, such as stuck at traffic lights when the daylight is perfect for plucking.

I did intend to pack up a mini kit of my own to keep in the car or in my handbag but it was difficult. Finding mini tools is one thing but mini products is another. The legends at Tweezerman must have been reading my ESP signals or something because they have come up with the kit to solve my worries. The Mini Brow Rescue Kit contains a mini pair of Tweezerman’s award winning Slant tweezers in my favourite colour (Pink!) and a Brow Shaping Brush, along with Tweezerman’s other miracle eyebrow products:

Mini Brow Mousse – This clear mousse acts like a taming gel to keep hairs in place.
Mini Eyenhance Highlighter Pencil – This pencil is for use on your brow bone below the eyebrow. It highlights the skin to give the illusion of brighter eyes. Make-up artists have forever used this trick but will usually use a light coloured eyeshadow. I personally think this pencil works better than the eyeshadow trick.

The case is adorable in a little capsule shape with easy open lid. The kit measures at just 10cms long and a tiny 1cm thick so it takes up next to nothing in your bag. I highly recommend getting a couple of these kits because it is perfect for your handbag/gym bag/make-up bag and for traveling. I know this baby will be coming with me every where I go!

AU $49.95 (RRP)

Available from i-glamour.com, David Jones (from August) and selected stockists of leading beauty products, salons and pharmacies. Call 1800 251 215 for more stockist details.

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