One thing I fear most in this world is pain. I am no good with pain. Or the thought of pain. Or even typing about pain *shiver*

Dentists are one of those people I instantly associate with pain. I know how important dental health is, but I will do anything to avoid a trip to the dentist. Luckily, I have been blessed with pretty good teeth (well, there is the insanely sensitive thing, but no fillings or anything) but it has always panicked me about what might happen. The future is hazy.

When I was a teenager, and first found out about sedation, the first question to my mother on my way to the dentist was “WHY CAN’T YOU SEDATE ME??? WHY?????”. It was a little hard to hear her answer through all my blubbering and tears, but her response was something along the lines of “they just can’t”. Well she lied. She is a dirty, rotten liar!

Dr Fadi Yassmin

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Fadi Yassmin, renowned dentist and owner of Broadway Dental in Sydney. His handsome, charismatic persona is charming enough, but when he uttered the words “Sleep Dentistry” I almost melted off my chair. How can it be, a dentist (who I fear most in the world) works with a sedationist (who I love most in the world). I had to know more.

Assuming I am not the only person in the world who hates dentists and their reign of terror (you know, the sharp tools clunking against your teeth), I thought it would be wise to share some insight into this thing known as Sleep Dentistry. Here is my quick Q&A With Dr Fadi Yassmin.

1. Sleep Dentistry: What is that exactly?

Dr Fadi Yassmin: Sleep dentistry is where by a specialist sedationist, via a cocktail of selected intravenous drugs allows you to go into a twilight/deep sleep. This allows you to lay still  and have long procedures completed comfortably and with no memory of the appointment. It is strongly recommended that the sedation be done by a qualified sedationist allowing the dentist to focus solely on the procedure at hand.

2. Who should consider Sleep Dentistry? Who is it designed for?

Dr Fadi Yassmin: Sleep dentistry is designed for the nervous and anxious patient, as well as those who are time poor and need multiple procedures completed. It is also highly recommended that complex procedures be completed with sleep dentistry.

3. What sort of treatments can be done while asleep? Can it be done for a simple check-up and clean?

Dr Fadi Yassmin: Sleep dentistry for a simple check up would be over doing it but a  deep cleaning session which can be quite sensitive is ideal for sleep dentistry. Restorative and surgical procedures would be highly recommended

Kimmi: Darn!

4. How much extra does Sleep Dentistry cost on top of the treatment?

Dr Fadi Yassmin: The only added cost for sleep dentistry is the sedationist fee which you will be able to get a rebate from Medicare. The actual dental costs will be no higher than your regular procedure. If a certain amount is claimed from medicare within a calendar year a higher rebate is available to patients.


It all sounds preeeeeetty good to me. Now I can be safe in my thoughts that should something happen, such as get a hole or a hockey stick to the mouth, I can be sedated to have the dental work done. And to be honest, in my case, the sedation is really for the safety of the dentists. It goes without saying I am banned from every dental clinic I have ever visited. Supposably they don’t like screamers. Pfft.


Sleep Dentistry is offered at Broadway Dental, Level 1, Broadway Shopping Centre, Broadway NSW. Phone 02 9281 0100 or visit the website for more information.

They even have a specially dedicated Sleep Dentistry website to answer all the questions you can imagine.

What do you think about Sleep Dentistry? Does it sound like something for you? Do you think it is over the top and ridiculous? Let me know by commenting below!

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