The NARS Summer 2011 collection is one of those collections that is totally wearable in any season. That works out wonderfully for us because it only became available to us Australians at the beginning of June, also known as, the beginning of winter. Despite this collection being set for the warmer climates, I find myself lusting after every item to wear right now. Then again, I am not one to really follow the rules.

For me, this particular eyeshadow duo, Dogon, is a strange choice for the Summer collection. I definitely see it more suited to an Autumn or Winter collection, if you care about your make-up matching the weather, which I don’t so I will wear it year round.

The official description of the colours from NARS ….

Metallic Taupe with icy green sheen and Charcoal Black

What I Say ….

  • I love the packaging NARS use for their eyeshadows and blushes. The rectangular shape is easy to hold when applying your make up, and the unique coating makes gripping easy. The flip top lid houses a top quality mirror (that I love using to pluck my eyebrows!) and when you close the lid it snaps shut securely. I have NEVER had a NARS palette break even when I have dropped it on bathroom tiles.
  • The Eyeshadow Duos are the best choice if you aren’t sure of what colours go well together. When I first saw Dogon I thought they looked great together in the pan, the perfect smokey eye, but I know I would have never picked them out if I was buying 2 single eyeshadows.
  • The lighter shade is a really lovely Taupe with a very unique shimmer. If I hadn’t read NARS’s official description of the colour, I would have said the sheen was silver but with a twist. It is layerable so you can wear it sheer with minimal impact or thick for a perfect neutral hit of colour. I know I will use this one up very soon because I am wearing it everyday, with every look. It is the perfect base colour.
  • The darker shade may be titled Charcoal Black but I think it is on the subtle side compared to some of the other Charcoal Blacks on the market. In the pan it almost looks like a dark navy or midnight blue, but as soon as you get a bit on your skin it is a sheer black. Again, this one is layerable but for light skinned folk like me, you have to apply with caution. So far I am limiting this colour to my lash lines but if you are good with applying a smokey eye look than this is a good one for you.
  • Another thing I like about these NARS Eyeshadow Duos is that the amount of shadow you get is actually quite a lot, and I think that is really important when you are looking at high end cosmetics with steep price tags. Sure, product quality is important but I also want it to last a while, and this one does!

Single finger swipe and swatched on skin in natural light

Not sure if this duo is for you? Well, let me remind you it is LIMITED EDITION. Plus, if you have no clue how to team up two colours for the perfect smokey eye, well NARS have done it for you with Dogon.

Before and after (with no other makeup … eeep!)

What NARS Say ….

Named for the Mali-based culture, this metallic taupe (with icy green sheen) and charcoal black duo eyeshadow delivers an unexpected twist on an otherwise neutral colour combo. Blend the lighter shade from lashes to brow and smudge the darker hue in the crease and along lashes for added impact. When blended together, the shades create an iridescent green cast on the charcoal hue.


AU $78 rrp from Mecca Cosmetica in store and online (Ships to New Zealand as well)

US $33 rrp from NARS and Sephora

UK £23.50 rrp from NARS, Selfridges and Space.Nk Apothecary

What do you think of Dogon? Do you own any of the NARS Duo Eyeshadows? Let me know by commenting below!

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