I am not one to love a crazy lip, but when I came across this photo from backstage at Richard Chai’s Spring show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, I had to share it.

Photo credit: Larry Busacca/Richard Chai – Love – Backstage – Spring 2012 Mercedes-Benz/Getty Images

There is something captivating about it. Maybe it is the model. Maybe it is just that shade of blue. I don’t know what. But I like it.

How To Get The Look

Without a doubt, careful application is key with this one. It takes skills and patience, but many of you talented things could definitely do it. Here is what I suggest you grab if you want to recreate it:

OCC Lip Tar in RX

US $13 rrp from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (International Shipping Available)

Small Angle Eye Liner Brush E65

US $9.00 from Sigma Beauty (International Shipping Available)

Zeus Lip Gloss

AU $20.00 from Ciccone Cosmetics (International Shipping Available)

Application Tips

  • This is not a colour you want rubbing off or smearing so the right product is essential. OCC Lip Tars are a little sticky to use at first, but once dry, they don’t move!
  • You want to use a really fine brush to apply so that you can layer the product as you need to. If the brush is too thick, or the hairs are too long, you won’t have enough control with placing a product like the Lip Tars. Short and angled is best in this case.
  • Start by outlining your lip line. You want to make sure that is perfect before proceeding. The angel tip on an eyeliner brush like the one above will make it so much easier.
  • Once your lip line is perfected, simply colour in the rest of your lip.
  • The look used at Richard Chai looks quite matte, and the OCC Lip Tars dry to a similar finish. But I like lips glossy most of the time, so if you are like me, grab a great clear gloss. I can’t live without Zeus, ever since I tried it back in July. I am yet to find a clear as clear gloss that is as good as this one.

What do you think of the blue lip? Would you ever dare it? Do you have a tip or product that would work wonders for this look? Let me know by commenting below!


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