Lately I have tried to restrain myself from whining about the inflated price of cosmetics and beauty products in Australia. I understand there are many factors involved such as cost of shipping, import duties and taxes, foreign exchange and perceived market value, but it is still something that bothers me daily. British cosmetic company, Illamasqua, have heard the pleas of the Australian beauty consumers and have created a campaign, Fight For A Fair Beauty Price, to try and prevoke change in the Australian market. I salute them and even if you aren’t in Australia, I urge you to support this campaign on our behalf. You know we would do it for you!

Fight For A Fair Beauty Price

The main premise behind Illamasqua’s campaign is that they DO want to slash their retail prices in Australia, and they will. The campaign points out that in Australia, we can be hit with paying an average of 61% more for a product. I am not good at maths, but I think you will find the difference is well above 61% on most items. I won’t name names, but some other brands go so far as to charging triple the price in Australia than they would in the USA or UK. To give you an idea on price comparison between Australia, USA and UK, here are a couple of Illamasqua item prices as an example.

Illamasqua Neutral Palette
AUS $78 / USA $42.50 / UK £30

Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Bacterium
AUS $34 / USA $14 / UK £13.50

What You Can Do

Illamasqua have promised to drop their prices in Australia but they need to know that by doing so people will buy their products. I think it is tough to promise Illamasqua that we will buy the products when we don’t know exactly how much they are planning to drop them, but either way this is a great campaign and I think we should all be signing the petition if at least to send a strong message to the Australian beauty market that inflated prices are not welcome. Here are some ways to help this campaign:

  1. Sign the petition
  2. Watch the campaign film (it is less than a minute and a half).
  3. On Twitter, use the #FightForAFairBeautyPrice hashtag whenever talking about the campaign. And talk about it a lot!!
  4. Visit the Illamasqua Australia Facebook Page and tell them what you think of this campaign.
  5. And lastly, get on Twitter, Facebook and any other avenue you know of and tell other beauty brands that this is what we want from them. We want them to take a stand and cut their prices.

What do you think of this initiative from Illamasqua? Will you support it? Are there any particular brands you find are extremely over inflated? Let me know by commenting below!


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