As you probably already know, I am currently undergoing a skincare challenge set by DMK Cosmetics. Well, I set the challenge, they are just striving to meet my unrealistic dreams of perfect skin. So far, they are doing a cracking job. Anyway, back to what I am meant to be talking about …. Foundation!

What I Say ….

  • If you want full coverage this is the one for you.
  • This foundation works as a concealer and foundation for me. It really covers a lot!
  • Initially I was hesitant to try it because it is super thick. Looking at it you would think it is smooth and light but is actually very solid. I like to scoop a bit out onto my hand or a hard surface so that I can then apply small bits at a time to my brush.
  • It is a little difficult to blend because of the thickness, but if you apply in smaller amounts you get great results.
  • You do need to set it with powder but once that’s done it doesn’t budge until you remove it! I am talking all day and all night.
  • No flaking or cracking.
  • It can sit in wrinkles a bit if a primer isn’t used.
  • Doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin but you do know it is there. It gives you so much confidence knowing that everything is covered.
  • Perfect if you have lots of flaws to cover!
  • They have a HUGE range of colours. I like how they separate different colour ranges into ‘collections’. Mine is from the ‘International Series’ and it is called Shell.



What DMK Cosmetics Says ….

Utilizing the proven benefits of botanical preservative complexes such as BIOCENCE™ – a revolutionary new organic compound that prevents the growth of microorganisms on contact – and a high pigmentation factor of up to 53%, creating the appearance of flawless youthful skin. The DMK Cosmetics Foundation Series is, quite simply, the best foundation money can buy.

The DMK Cosmetics Foundation Series is perfect for clients with skin conditions, post-operative clients, industry professionals, or anybody looking for a superior foundation makeup. Create a lasting impression with DMK Cosmetics.

Information from DMK Cosmetics




AU $72 rrp from DMK and selected salons.

Phone 1300 00 SKIN (in Australia) or use the worldwide clinic locater for your nearest stockist. You can read more about the foundation and the other amazing cosmetic products at the DMK Cosmetics website.

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