After indulging in a delicious Priori facial last week and posting about it on Instagram, one lovely follower by the name of kath3010 asked a brilliant question:

Are facials supposed to include extractions? Are there even any benefits of having ones without extractions? I just always thought that was the whole point.

I admit I was shocked that Kath3010 thought there was no point to a facial if there were no extractions because in my opinion there are absolutely benefits. However, it occurred to me that perhaps not every beauty therapist is explaining the benefits of their treatment and that is definitely something they should being doing so you don’t feel like you are wasting money.

My own personal belief is that facials are without a doubt beneficial whether or not extractions occur. I generally leave it up to my beauty therapist to decide what needs to be done during my facial but on occasion when I feel my pores are black and clogged I will ask my therapist to do some extractions. Every beauty therapist will have their own methods and way of treating problem skin, and it will take time for you to find someone that attends to your skin exactly how you like. Choosing a beauty therapist is as personal as picking a hairdresser or husband.

I don’t want you to take my word for it that facials are beneficial without extractions. I have spoken with Emma Hobson, Education Manager International Dermal Institute Australia, New Zealand and Asia, to give us all some much needed insight into why facials are an essential treatment for our skin.

The Instagram that started the facial conversation

Emma Hobson: Why do we need a dentist? Why do we need to have a gym trainer? Why do we go to a hairdresser? Because they are all trained professionals, that get ‘results’ in  their  area of expertise – creating fabulous, healthy skin that is the best it can be.

Obviously keeping a good skincare regime at home is necessary, just as it is to brush your teeth each day, but beyond that you need professional maintenance.

Emma Hobson: You can’t replicate the fabulous results at home, however hard you try. The products, equipment and results a qualified skin therapist can achieve for you in a minimal amount of time is ‘amazing.’

Sometimes, when your skin is so bad a facial will leave you looking a little worse for wear in the first 24 hours, but more often then not you will leave a facial with glowing, clear skin.

Emma Hobson: You can’t put a price on the benefits you receive from the amazing connection of human touch. The deep sense of relaxation and stress relief is incredible.

Cleaning and caring for our own skin never feels as good as when someone else does it. It is like a head massage, it doesn’t feel the same when you do it to yourself.

Emma Hobson: Receiving a professional skin treatment is more than a bit of buff and puff and a bit of cream! The expert skin therapist is highly trained to  analyse your skin,  accurately assess your current skin condition and provide you the solutions through recommended treatments (using advanced ingredient and equipment technology) and home care to achieve your healthiest skin.  

As much as I would like to think that my endearing qualities shown through my beauty blogging is all you need to care for your looks, it isn’t true. A trained expert who can see and feel your problems up close will be able to do a better job.

Emma Hobson: The ROI (Return on investment) is high, for anyone receiving a skin treatment be it if you challenged with hyperpigmentation,  acne breakouts, sun damage and ageing, sensitisation, dehydration or simply in need of a ‘pick me up’.

I have paid some obscene amounts for a facial, I can’t deny it. Remember the time I went to The Ritz-Carlton in New York for a La Prairie facial? Count in the airfare and I am pretty sure I broke a recored. But it was worth it. Every penny I have ever spent on a facial has been worth it!

Emma Hobson:  If you think a ‘facial’ is only for those wanting their blackheads removed, think again! Your skin gets a ‘real work out’ with a professional skin therapist. With active professional only product formulations coupled with the latest high tech equipment your skin can get into perfect shape in no time. Healthier, more energised skin, improved texture and luminosity are but a few of the benefits. When all this is delivered with skilled, caring hands the cost to benefit ratio is certainly in the receivers favour.

The benefits are always there even if you can’t see them. I know many people stop having facials when they reach the skin results they want but it is wise to continue treatments to maintain that healthy skin. Everyday our skin gets a little bit more damaged, even if it is just by the environmental elements. Taking the time to reset the balance every month or so is worth it.

Did you learn something new about facials? How often do you indulge in a professional facial? Let me know by commenting below!

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