Mascara isn’t know for being a ‘caring’ beauty product. It can leave your eyelashes rough, crunchy, sticky and worst of all, fragile. Then there is all the problems those rough, crunchy lashes can cause our eyes. Poking our eyeballs, rubbing against our thin eyelid skin and even lashes that fall off and get in our inner eye folds. All classy stuff.

When I heard that Australis released a ‘conditioning’ mascara I didn’t quite understand. No wait, I understood, but I just didn’t believe it. I decided to put it to the test as my mascara of choice for 2 weeks. I will admit that usually I don’t wear mascara everyday, and part of the reason is that my eyes can be over sensitive if I don’t treat them right. But, I felt that if this mascara is ‘conditioning’ than I am going to put it to the ultimate test. My eyes …. 14 days …… 168 hours (that works out to 12 hrs a day).

What I Say ….

  • First thing I like about it is the awesome pink foil tube. It is just so damn hot. Looking at the outside of the mascara makes me feel like throwing a party.
  • The chemical scent is very minimal, and that is one of the things that usually puts me off the affordable mascaras.
  • I am using the regular version which has a straight brush, but there is a curly variety available with a curved brush. The brush works well for me on my larger middle lashes but as with most straight brushes, I found it a little harder to get my tiny baby lashes on the inner corner of my eye. Not exactly a fault, but just felt I should mention it.
  • The wand length is nice and long. I prefer this because it means I don’t have to lean my hand on my cheeks (which are still usually setting from foundation).
  • The colour is called ‘Blackest Black’ but I actually found this to be the perfect daytime black. I have medium brown lashes so black mascara is usually a no go for me unless it is night time. This colour was actually a much softer black on me so it added enough colour to look awake, but not so dark that it looked stupid in the sunlight.
  • The formula lasted each full day and I didn’t need to touch up to achieve the look I had in the morning.
  • My lashes don’t feel any softer then they are naturally after 2 weeks but what I did notice was during each day, there was no drying or flaking of my lashes. When the mascara was on I could obviously feel it when I touched it but it didn’t have that same ‘crunchy’ feel.
  • It could be a total placebo but I do feel like my lashes aren’t as weak after wearing this mascara. I never noticed any lashes falling off or being pulled out when I removed my make up each night.

My overall thoughts on this mascara is that it is a great product for its low price point and it does what it says it will do. I will be keeping this as my daytime mascara because I love the medium impact results. A girl doesn’t always want va-va-voom!

Before (damn that flyaway hair!)


What Australis Says ….

Australis Lash TLC Conditioning Mascara adds volume, length, and definition, while holding curls and conditioning lashes. It contains nourishing vitamin E to protect lashes against damage caused by free radicals while moisturising and protecting against environmental aggressors. Strengthening and conditioning vitamin B5 protects hair against brittleness and breakage. The formula also includes silk powder enriched with amino acids and trace elements.

Available in two brush types: Regular and Curling.




AU $14.95 rrp from Priceline, Kmart, Target, Big W and selected pharmacies.

For more information on this product head to Australis

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