Over the past year or so I have heard the word Vajazzle A LOT. It was all over the radio with Jackie O talking about it on her #1 rating Sydney Breakfast show, The Kyle & Jackie O Show. Then there was Kathy Griffin who promoted pap smears by having one done poolside and finished with a Vajazzling. What about Jennifer Love Hewitt, the girl who started it all by talking about it on a night time chat show.

So what is ‘Vajazzle’? Some would call it crystal artwork or rhinestone tattoos for your privates. But more than anything, it is a Beauty craze that has gone …. crazy? It is everywhere. There are websites dedicated to it, celebrities talk about it and consumers want it, so how do you get it? Susan Butler saw this beauty fad in the early stages and could see its potential. The idea to create her own Vajazzle Kits was born and before she knew it, her little Swarovski crystal tattoos were in high demand. Not wanting to limit ones choices in design, Susan created a range of motifs and designs to suit everyone including lips, stars, dolphins and more in a range of colours.

When looking over the tattoos my nerves suddenly struck me like a lightening bolt. Like all of a sudden, I am a prude! But I am a blogger committed to my cause and in the name of Beauty I had to suck it up and just try it out. I found the tattoos really easy to apply and unlike body crystals of the olden day, they really did stay stuck on! All I had to do was peel off the fabric backing, press onto my skin and hold for 15 seconds and then peel away the top covering plastic. Voila!

I tried Pack B which included the Clear Star, Pink Heart and Blue Dolphin. Each Vajazzle kit includes 3 Swarovski crystal tattoos, 3 alcoholic wipes to clean your skin before applying, instructions and a little Black velvet storage bag.

While I do LOVE all things sparkly, I found it a bit much for my usual get-up but I can see why some females have opted to get Vajazzled as a little ‘something something’ for their man-friend (or lady-friend. No sexism here). Beauty Salons are also now offering Vajazzling as a post wax add-on service so that could be a good idea for a bday pressie if your partner likes shiny things?

Vajazzle Kits can be used any where on your body and I think they look rather sexy on the ankle for a different option. The good thing is that the glue is designed for contact with skin so if it can hold on to the rough porous skin of your privates then it will stick to any surface.


Each Vajazzle Kit costs AU $23.50 and can be purchased directly from the Vajazzle Kits website.

Wholesale opportunities are also available so get in contact with them if you’re a beauty business owner who wants to get involved in the Vajazzle craze.

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