The bikini area. A constant source of hair removal drama for us females. When you really think about it, there are so many ways to shape, style, trim and remove the hair. For every one of those ways, there is a gadget to match but rarely is there a tool that combines more than one option. It looks like Schick have noticed this as well.

Their newest release combines the already successful Quattro For Women razor with a new trimmer tool. At first I thought it was a little ‘gimmicky’. You know, cute packaging (I have a Limited Edition purple one that came in a pink box but I can’t seem to find that one in stores anymore) and a cute little illustrated lady in a mini dress on the front. I mean, I was completely judging it from the outside.

The Limited Edition Version

It took me a really long time to finally try this product out. I have a Schick Quattro For Women razor that I keep in my travel bag so I am already familiar with the razor, and love it. The hesitation for me was the trimmer. Even more concerning for me was that it was battery operated but could be used in the shower. I was so scared that the trimmer handle wouldn’t be sealed enough to stop water from getting to the battery, and I would electrocute myself. Hang on, can you be electrocuted from a battery operated device? Either way, I was scared.

Once I opened it up and put the included battery in (very handy by the way. I hate buying something only to then have to buy batteries) I could feel how tight the seal was and that I would be safe. Most of the handle was rubberised which was a total positive, especially being a double-ended tool, you really don’t want it slipping out of your hands and cutting every piece of skin on the way down.

The razor end is a winner. Four blades give a really close shave, and there are smoothness strips on either side of the blades which helps to not drag the skin as you shave. The trimmer end has a little plastic comb piece that sits over the blade. You can adjust the comb depending on how short you want to trim it, or remove it completely if you are lazy like me.

I found the trimmer to still leave hair with at least 5mm of length, even on the shortest setting. If you are usually a waxer, this would be useful when it has been a bit to long between appointments and you want to trim, but without loosing the minimum length required to wax. If you usually shave then you will need to use the trimmer without the comb, and then switch over to the razor end. Another use for this shaver is to create ‘decoration’. If you wanted to make a love heart, or something else for a special occasion, you could easily trim the unwanted hair until the shape is exactly how you want it, and then use the razor to tidy.

All in all, this unit is very handy. As women, we can seem to find ourselves in some dire situations and I think this is one of those tools you need hanging around ….. just in case.

What Schick Says ….

Schick Trim Style is the all-over razor that allows for shaving over the entire body. Two-in-one, this razor and bikini trimmer is battery-operated and waterproof, making it safe to use in or out of the shower. Trim Style also includes an adjustable comb for desired length of hair.


AU $11.99 rrp from supermarkets, pharmacies and selected variety retailers.

US $11.99 from Walgreens

UK £9.99 rrp from Wilkinson Sword

More details are available on the Schick Australia website. They also have an adorable ‘mowing’ game that plays on the success of Aussie company Jim’s Mowing.

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