I was actually starting to worry that my love affair with Pomegranate scented beauty products was starting to wain. Then I caught a whiff of this Radox body wash and my love was renewed. No, that is a lie. My love ballooned in to an emotion so strong I was left showering 3 times a day just so I could smell it. Obsessive much?

Radox is one of those brands that totally slip under my radar. With brands that have been around forever I tend to remember how a brand USED to be, and in the Radox case, I always remembered it for the Muscle Soak bath salts. You see, I don’t like baths. I have never been a fan of taking a ‘bath’. Spa baths are a different story, I like those (so long as I am the only one in it. And it has been thoroughly disinfected. And I have a shower before and after). But normal baths, nuh-uh. So to me, Radox was a bath brand. How unfair am I?

Over the last few years I have definitely noticed a change and coming out with products that go a little beyond their original bath range. Their range of shower creams and shower gels are far more noticeable on the supermarket shelves and they seem to be making an effort to bring out even more luxurious ranges, like the Smoothie range. I say good on them, and if the Pomegranate & Rosehip Oil shower cream is anything to go by, I will love it!

What I Say ….

  • The scent is bloody ridiculous. I am so in love with it I am left lost for words. It smells sweet and candy like, but not overwhelming. It smells so familiar but at the same time like nothing I have smelt before. See, it turns me into a babbling idiot!
  • The scent does linger a bit after washing and I absolutely love it. Usually I am not a fan of lingering scents in body washes but I love this one so much I just can’t get enough of it. I don’t apply any perfume after using this body wash because my skin smells so yummy.
  • The formula is very creamy and I love that it feels like my skin is being hydrated while it is being cleansed. The colder it gets the more I am loving it because my dry skin can’t possibly take anything drying at this time of year.
  • You really only need a small amount, maybe the size of a 20c piece, to wash your entire body. While the formula is creamy it isn’t so thick that it doesn’t spread. I have been using this one bottle for about 5 weeks and only and the fill line has dropped an inch. Talk about penny saving!
  • It is soap free and pH balanced which I think are the two main contributors to why this body wash doesn’t cause my skin to itch (something I deal with often).

What Radox Say ….

Radox Pomegranate & Rosehip Oil Shower Cream contains natural oils and antioxidants to provide deep hydration, leaving skin feeling soft. It boasts a sweet scent of pomegranate and rosehip oil.


AU $5.99 rrp for 500mL – Available from supermarkets and selected pharmacies

US – Radox is available from British Food Shop however this particular item is unavailable

UK – Radox is available from Boots however this particular item is unavailable

Have you ever or do you use Radox? What is your favourite ‘flavour’? Are you a fan of the bath products? Let me know by commenting below!

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