A couple of weeks ago I finished my HYPOXI program. If you haven’t caught up on the action so far, you can read about my first experience, how it changed my eating and lifestyle habits, the struggles I faced midway through, and the booster I needed. If you have read all those then you are up to date and the following will make sense to you … I hope.

So when we last spoke I was having serious struggles dropping a single bit of weight. I could feel I was slimmer, I thought I looked a little slimmer and clothes I couldn’t do up before were now doing up, so surely I had to have lost some weight. I think the final results speak for themselves.

In total I did 19 sessions of L250 and 12 sessions of HDC. The “end” measurements were taken at the beginning of my 19th session so these results are excluding any weight loss I have had from the final session onwards. 

Hypoxi Measurement Chart Final Results

Prior to HYPOXI I felt fat all over but my key problems were Stomach, Hips, Bottom and Legs (which include the dreaded saddlebags). I know I am not a big girl, you wouldn’t call me plus-size, but I was well and truly too-fat for my body. This is the biggest I have ever been and I felt the unhealthiest I had ever been as well. With the combination of HYPOXI L250, HDC and my fabulous new vegan diet I got the results you see above ….. and I am extremely happy with them.

You probably looked at the Weight figure and thought, “wtf? only 0.7kg?”, but calm down and watch your language. HYPOXI is all about measurements, and frankly every sort of weight loss or exercise program should be about the measurements …. not the scales. HYPOXI is about targeting the stubborn, hard-to-shift fatty areas on the body, specifically the lower-middle area such as stomach, hips, bum, thighs. Those areas do turn to muscle pretty quickly if you give them enough time and hard work, so it isn’t out of the ordinary to see a loss in measurements but not a big loss in weight.

Not let’s break down those measurements.

Weight – I have explained and I am happy with that.

Waist – I only lost 1cm and that I found both surprising and upsetting. It felt like I had lost more but still, it feels slimmer and I am ok with that. This will remain a target area for me moving forward because I have more to lose.

Stomach – I am very happy with the 3cm loss and I since finishing HYPOXI I have lost a further cm. This was a zone that really upset me because I have always had an hourglass figure and when my stomach started to actually protrude from my body I felt like I lost my identity.

Hips – 4.2 is a miracle. I have what some people would call “child bearing hips” and seeing as though I have no use for them I want them gone. The rough truth is I could afford to lose another 10cm from this area but 4.2 is a great start and I am almost positive I have lost another cm since finishing.

Bottom – I have always had a booty, as I said I was born an hourglass, but I had still ballooned to my biggest size yet. Losing 3.5cm is a great start but I still have a way to go before I am truly happy with those measurements.

Legs – Now this measurement refers to both legs standing together with the tape measure going around my outer thighs. Not so long ago I was so thin in this area that I couldn’t even get my inner thighs to touch, there was a physical gap (those were the days). Now they mash together no matter what, but losing 4cm has really shown a big difference when I wear pants. I still can’t get into any jeans but I am close!

Relaxed Leg and Contracted Leg – this measurement is taken only on my right leg and I am not 100% sure why it is taken because I can tell from the previous “Legs” measurement that I am either fat or not. Still, it was good to see a loss there.

Knee – Everytime we got to this measurement I thought it was a joke. I didn’t understand how a knee could lose weight but this showed my naivety. Tarryn (my trainer) explained that while I am lucky that my knee is and has always been small, there are people who do put on weight all over, including the knees, elbows, feet and hands. At that moment I felt awful but it reminded me that when my body fluctuates in size so do my feet. While my knee stays pretty much the same my feet don’t, and I have a closet full of shoes separated into “fat” and “thin”.

Final Thoughts

One critism I have heard over and over from people who have tried HYPOXI in the past is that the weight comes back ….. when people say this I want to smack them across the head (apologies for the violence). Of course weight comes back. It doesn’t matter what exercise you do, what diet you try or what fad you buy into, when you stop doing it things start to head south. It is like saying that just because you applied anti-wrinkle cream everyday for a year than you should never have wrinkles again. The body doesn’t stop ageing and that it is why it is the individual to keep it in shape. Whether you choose to run everyday or get liposuction, it doesn’t matter, everything will come back if you stop doing what got rid of it in the first place. The trick is to take something like HYPOXI, a boot camp or a colonic and see that it is a kickstart to help you with the tough stuff. Nothing is magic, nothing is forever … well at least not yet, we can still pray for that day.

In regards to my own feelings about my results, all these measurements are great and I do still have lots to lose, but the one thing I want to express is that without HYPOXI I don’t know how many more years would have passed before I realised how far down I had dug myself into a hole. HYPOXI gave me the nudge I desperately needed to get my butt into gear and along with my new vegan outlook I have never felt better. It helped me get rid of the first 20 odd cm and THAT has given me further motivation to get into shape. It is exactly what a lazy, exercise-hating gal like me needed.

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Australia $69 per session or $690 for a course of 12 from Hypoxi Australia

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What do you think of my HYPOXI results? Would you try it? Let me know by commenting below!

HYPOXI L250 Machine Woman

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