One of the many companies displaying their exciting new launches at Cosmoprof North America was CND (Creative Nail Design, Inc.). What engaged my interest in particular was the addition of 6 new shades in the Shellac range.

Shellac has been everywhere and is still super hot, but you may remember that one thing I felt let Shellac down a bit was the lack of colour variety. Yes, all the colours are layerable and can make new colours, but I felt like the colours were rather simple and plain. I wanted pizzazz. Well, CND must have heard my pleas because pizzazz is what I got!

The New Colours

Did you know you can do textures with Shellac? I didn’t. For the first time CND have released a Shellac colour with a bit of texture, Zillionaire. Ok, so it isn’t texture you can feel ….. but you sure can see it.

Image courtesy of Polish Galore (Check it out. Awesome blog!)

Manicure 1: Cosmoprof

While at Cosmoprof North America, I was extremely excited to have a chance to try out the new shades, but picking just one was difficult. My natural instinct was to pick Purple Purple, because after all, purple is my favourite colour. My CND manicurist, the beautiful Michelle, would not let me get away with that. She insisted I try something different.

Michelle talked me into Hotski To Tchotchke, with Zillionaire over the top, and a diagonal accent of Purple Purple on the ring finger. It looked spectacular and honestly, something I would have never picked for myself. That Michelle is good!

Manicure 2: iFabbo Glamour Suite

Literally 3 days later I was in San Diego for BlogHer Conference (a conference for women bloggers) and was lucky enough to attend a special function organised by iFabbo, called the Glamour Suite. iFabbo are an international organisation for Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Bloggers, and they put on amazing functions for their members throughout the year.

I was actually really lucky to be treated to having a facial by Dermalogica, hair-do by Paul Mitchell and make-up by Stila, but I was most excited when I saw I was having my nails done by CND. Oh no, not just any ‘nails’. I was getting Shellac, again. AND, Michelle was the one doing them, again!

While I felt absolutely terrible for Michelle having only JUST done my nails, I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to try something new. This time I noticed they were using little strips of decorative foil for something, and I wanted IN.

Michelle came up with an ‘inverted’ design for just my right hand. This time she did Purple Purple as a base, with a diagonal accent of Hotski To Tchotchke on the ring finger and little bits of opal foil applique over the top. The two hands, while completely different, actually complimented each other quite nicely.

NOTE: Unfortunately the images of this look were taken a week after being applied. Silly me, I thought I took images of the completed look at the time ….. but I didn’t. So, please excuse the minor tip wear. They look great for a week old, don’t they?


The new shades of Shellac will be available from September 2011. Shellac is a professional salon service, and on average will cost AU $40 / US $30 for a full manicure. To find your nearest salon head to the website

What do you think of the new offerings from CND? Are you a Shellac fan? Let me know by commenting below!


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