I have been so short of time lately that painting my nails has been at the bottom of my to-do list for about a month. It horrifies me that I have painted them in that long, but in todays world there are so many options to choose from when you want to glam up your nails in next to no time. Today I am reviewing of those options, the imPRESS Press & Go Press-On Manicure nails by Broadway Nails.

The design I chose to use is Space Cadet, which is a black pebble print (kind of a mix between cheater and leopard) over a shimmer semi-sheer background. Under different lights, the shimmer reflects multiple tones including green, blue and gold. I have included lots of photos in this post so you can see the effect in different lights. It is a lovely design and I got so many compliments when wearing them. 

The nail polish bottle packaging all opened up

My Review

  • The nails come in a really cute ‘nail polish bottle’ packaging. It is unique and a point of difference to other press-on manicures. You can easily identify the nail design through the see through bottle, and it makes storing left-over much easier.
  • There are 24 nails in a pack, but in 12 different sizes. That means there is undoubtably a shape for every nail on every person. I loved this because I do have nail beds that usually too small for regular stick-on nails. With this set I was able to find sizes for all my nails within a couple of minutes.
  • All of the nails are very short in length, so I had to cut my natural nails right back so they didn’t stick out from underneath. I don’t really understand why they created them so short, especially as everyone has a different length of nail bed. I think some people would find these way too short, even though the Space Cadet design would probably have looked ridiculous if it were any longer.
  • Glue is already pre-applied to the nails individually, so you simply have to remove a plastic slip before sticking the nail down. Some of the plastic strips were quite difficult to remove and in some cases I had to resort to using my teeth because I couldn’t get enough leverage with just my fingers. I think the plastic slip needs to have a longer tab on it so it is easier to grip.
  • Some of the nails lasted up to 5 days, but the first snapped off within 24 hours. I reapplied the ones that snapped off using some nail glue from a previous packet of stick-on nails I had lying around. In comparison, the glue on these nails are far better than any other pre-applied glue nails I have tried.

The back of a nail with the clear protective slip still attached

What Broadway Nails say ….

The Broadway press and go range features an adhesive technology to provide full contact with the natural nail for a strong hold that will last up to a week when applied correctly. To ensure nails will last, prep the nail properly and ensure you are applying the correct size to every nail. Broadway nails can be cut and filed to the shape of your natural nails. Each bottle contains 24 nails in 12 different sizes for each hand, allowing for different nail widths. To remove, gently peel from the side, but for stickers that seem really stuck, apply nail-polish remover around the edges of the nail, wait one minute then peel. Broadway nails are not reusable. They are available in a range of shades.

Animal Cruelty Policy: According to PETA.org, this product is not tested on animals.

Stockist Details

AUS $14.99 from Key Sun, Priceline, Woolworths and select pharmacies.

USA $7.99 from Walgreens and Walmart

UK £7.99 from Superdrug and Boots


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