Karon McKendrick-Taylor, Educational Manager for OPI Australia

Today I am bringing you the second of my most favourite frequent features, the Brand Profile. If you missed our last one on Benefit Cosmetics check it out here. This time we are taking a look at OPI, and I am just bursting with excitement.

As most of you already know, I am a huge fan of OPI. So much so that I actually dedicated an entire week to the brand! While many of us OPI lovers would like to think we know everything there is to know about the nail industry juggernaut, I like to think there has to be something that we haven’t heard just yet. That is one of the reasons why I like to do these brand profiles, but also to introduce the brand to those who are yet to give it a go.

The blessed soul who coped these questions is none other than Karon McKendrick-Taylor, Educational Manager for OPI Australia.

Who is the OPI Customer?

She could be 4 to 104. OPI is most definitely for the fashion forward but also for the everyday well groomed. More and more it is part of our weekly maintaince to do or have our nails done. If doing them at home or in salon it’s a feel good treat, let’s face it we look at our hands and nails all day as do other people.

What is the brief history behind OPI? Who, why, when it was created.

In 1981 George Schaeffer a former garment manufacturer from New York moved to L.A and bought a dental supply company that he renamed Odontorium Products Inc. When he saw manicurists started buying his dental materials to make artificial nails he left the bridgework business behind but kept the company initials. Schaeffer hired sister-in-law Suzi Weiss-Fischmann to help him run the company which was then in there two-person office taking orders, filling and delivering!

It was in 1989 with Suzi’s forte and passion for fashion, along with the request of beauty professionals around the world, that a line of 30 Nail Lacquer Colours and 6 Nail Treatments were introduced. With quirky names to match brilliant fast drying, chip resistant colour they were and are an instant success.

How is OPI different from other nail polish brands? Why should we try your products?

OPI’s professional heritage has definitely set a high standard for our retail line, if it does not stand up in a salon service and clients are not happy they don’t come back.

OPI lacquer has a huge variety of shades currently over 250; but also the treatments to make them stay on longer, with high gloss and fewer chips and all dry quickly saving time. I believe they are great value for money, as you save drying time, re-do’s and touch ups.

Does OPI reward customer loyalty? (eg. Rewards Program, Gift With Purchases, etc)

You will usually find various promotional packs both in salon and retail. Right now we have Nail Envy, a Natural Nail Strengthener, with a free Cuticle Oil, Dripdry lacquer drying drops and Top coat all available. These do change every other month, so you need to keep an eye open for what’s new.

Original Nail Envy is one of the most famous Nail Strengtheners in the market

It seems the last couple of years OPI has started to create a lot more movie themed collections. Can you tell us a bit about this new direction for OPI? Why have you gone this route? How do you pick the movies?

OPI’s history in the movies goes way back – before there was colour! [When] George Schaeffer was still selling dental supplies, he committed himself to meeting the needs of the special-effects and make-up departments.  Based in Nth Hollywood, no one else was as services-oriented as George. Need product tomorrow – no problem, the results, George became the “go-to guy” for special effects make-up departments at all the studios in Hollywood. The next step, “An overnight success?”. Celebrity links and product placements in movies…. Now themed collections.

What Women Want see’s Mel Gibson painting his nails with OPI. Legally Blonde, Shrek, Alice in Wonderland , Burlesque, Pirates of the Caribbean and yes there are more on the way but you will need to wait till November, they will be in time for Christmas.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Collection by OPI

What can we look forward to from OPI for the rest of 2011? (EG. new releases, new products, new retailers etc.)

August we will launch our next seasonal lacquer colour collection “Touring America” and although they are darker shades for the northern winter, they are very much on trend with greys, corals, browns and blue, something new for every one.

OPI Australia’s PR & Maketing Manager, Lisa Miller added the following:

During September OPI will be part of the world’s biggest beauty pageant, with their Miss Universe collection.  OPI will also be releasing a new range of soft shades during this month, known as the Femme de Cirque.

OPI will be releasing Gel Color in September, a revolutionary new gel technology system that ensures your manicure stays for 3 – 4 weeks

In October OPI will be launching The Muppets collection in collaboration with the Muppets movie which will be screened in Australia on 5th January.

The soon-to-be-released Touring America collection


Please put your hands together for the fabulous OPI ladies, Karon and Lisa!


OPI is available in over 100 countries and can be found in some of the biggest and most exclusive retailers. Head to the below websites for more details on the available ranges, upcoming launches and stockists.

OPI websites – Australia, USA and UK


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